Who are we?

Capilla del Señor S.A. (Lácteos CDS) is a family company, located in Villa María, Province of Córdoba, Argentina, which arises as a consequence of its link with primary production, always focused on the production of Premium quality milk.

We produce Lombarde brand products, characterized by traditional cheeses of soft, semi-hard, spun and hard paste; by-products such as cream and ricotta, preserving the authentic flavors of the countryside.

We decided to innovate and produce healthier foods, LacNat brand, among them we can mention: dietary cheeses (reduced in lipid value and without added salt); soft and spun paste cheeses with added phytosterols and fortified with vitamin E, which help reduce cholesterol *1. Soft, semi-hard, spun and hard paste cheeses are also made with milk produced in pastoral systems with modified diets that include natural inputs, obtaining milk with high CLA*2 content, which is healthier. In addition to our own brands, we make the entire line of products for other colleague companies, hypermarkets, supermarkets, among others, with their respective brands, for both the domestic and foreign markets.

*1 Innovation carried out through teamwork with INTA Castelar as leader, together with INTA Rafaela, Conicet and other institutions. Project financed by IDB (declared as success example in 2016 https://connectamericas.com/es/video/cds-de-argentina-recibi%C3%B3-apoyo-del-bid-para-elaborar-un-queso-saludable ), patented in Argentina and other countries.

*2 Development carried out with INTA Balcarce as project leader, together with INTA Castelar and Gacef S.A., it was sent for revision to a group of international scientists on February 1, 2019, who validated it on June 21, 2020 and it was published on June 24, 2020 in Scientific Research Publishing, https://www.scirp.org/journal/paperinformation.aspx?paperid=101095


In April 2005, construction work began on the plant and on August 7, 2006, the production process began with 5,000 liters of milk per day. This volume allowed us to fine-tune the production system and progressively adjust the distinctive features of the products we produced.

In February 2007, Lácteos CDS began to develop, expand and diversify its offer in the domestic and foreign markets.

In November 2007, as a result of a sustained growth in the demand for dairy products from the international market, the company began exporting in order to seek new geographic destinations and consolidate its position over time. This participation led to increase the processing of raw material to 100,000 liters per day and to direct a large part of its productive and commercial management to the foreign market, in order to satisfy the demand for products and the sanitary requirements demanded by it.

Our achievements…

On February 2, 2011, we signed a Public-Private Partnership Agreement (CAPP) for the execution of the "Functional Dairy Products" project with the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA).

In 2012, we made the first export of cheese from Argentina to China. This took place in the context of the agreement reached by the Association of Small and Medium Dairy Companies (Apymel) with an organization that brings together Asian importers, Beijing Economic Trade Corporation (BETC). https://www.infocampo.com.ar/hoy-se-realiza-la-primera-exportación-quesos-a-china/ Working permanently with the objective of continuous improvement, Lácteos CDS certified in 2013 the ISO 9001:2008 standard, being the first dairy SME in the country to achieve such certification, in 2019 we made the third recertification with ISO 9001:2015, which is currently in force.

In 2017, the first cheese e-commerce platform was created, making personalized delivery to consumers' homes directly and without intermediaries in more than 50 locations. www.quesosonline.com. In February 2018, Lácteos CDS started a disruptive change for the sector, in the process of People Management, promoting a line of work with objective and documented decision making, introducing the concept of self-control in the entire team that makes up the organization, always seeking to professionalize and strengthen the greatest capital that our company has: people. In 2019, a mutual confidentiality agreement was signed with the "Centre de Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement" "CIRAD" of Paris, France and other institutions that compose it and INTA Castelar. https://www.eldiariocba.com.ar/el-diario-rural/2019/7/6/una-usina-lactea-de-villa-maria-la-base-industrial-de-un-proyecto-internacional-9041.html On June 26, 2020, a framework agreement for collaboration was signed between the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), with the purpose of establishing joint actions aimed at achieving the optimization of its own missions and functions, strengthening the institution-company link and contributing to the construction of spaces for maximum exchange and usage of available resources.

On June 29, 2020, the 1st "SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT" of the organization was created and published. On July 22, 2020, Lácteos CDS obtained the "CAME SUSTAINABLE SEAL" certification at Level III, for the production process of soft, semi-hard, spun, hard cheese, cream and ricotta by-products, granted by the certification committee of said institution.



"We are a dairy SME, we make and commercialize innovative and high quality products for the external and internal market. Our gradual growth is based on ethical values that seek to encourage the participation of our staff, the construction of opportunities together with customers, producers and suppliers. Our interest in sustainable development allows us to preserve the trust of society and the environment where we operate."


"To achieve a sustainable network of value creation, integrated by self-managed collaborators, by suppliers and customers convinced of the opportunities of constructive partnerships, where we can deliver special products with high added value to a demanding global society that values us and renews our license/permission to continue acting as a result of our responsible behavior."

We work on continuous improvement, aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The organization has a strong interest in sustainable development and is committed to implementing actions framed in Sustainable Development Goal 12 "Responsible Consumption and Production" (PDA).

Within the framework of the Technical Cooperation Program "Strengthening the National Plan to Reduce Food Losses and Waste", the "Pilot experience in the implementation of good practices for sustainable food production in small and medium-sized enterprises" component of the National Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAGyP) is being developed together with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). This component seeks to support the design and implementation of a corporate policy to reduce Food Loss and Waste (PDA) in agri-food SMEs, in order to contribute to the promotion of more efficient, sustainable and inclusive production business models, with associated benefits in terms of food safety and environmental care.

Lácteos Capilla del Señor, together with 13 other SMEs in the country, have been selected to be part of the pilot experience, which was extremely interesting and enriching for us, granting us access to the use of the seal.

Carbon Neutral

With the membership of 11 companies and sectoral associations of the Argentine dairy chain, the dairy table has been formed within the PACN. With the active participation of ABS Global, Adeco Agropecuaria S.A., Cooperativa Agrícola Ganadera Ltda. Guillermo Lehmann, FUNPEL, Lácteos CDS, La Sibila S.A., Manfrey Cooperativa, María Teresa Sur SRL (Grupo LP), Mastellone Hnos. S.A., Nestlé and San Ignacio S.A., there will be developed tools for calculating and managing the carbon equivalent from primary production to domestic distribution, whether it is an export port or a retail shelf, for various dairy products (long-life milk, powdered milk and semi-hard cheese). Harmonized to internationally accepted calculation methodologies and standards, a specialized consulting group will carry out a local life cycle analysis that allows identifying synergies with suppliers, points for improvement in production processes and good environmental practices, as well as adding certifiable carbon equivalent balance information to Argentine dairy products. At the same time, this development will allow, within a collaborative intra-chain work, to position the Argentine dairy chain in international markets in a proactive way in environmental matters.

Conformation of the Dairy Roundtable within the PACN | Carbono (carbononeutro.com.ar)

New technologies and the development of trade agreements between different international spheres encourage the generation of new policies and standards, including environmental ones. The carbon footprint of a product as the systematic methodology that quantifies the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG), quantified in CO2eq emissions emitted throughout the life cycle of the product or service, and covers all activities from the acquisition of raw materials to its management as waste, allowing consumers to decide which food to buy based on the impact of the product or service on the environment.




CDS is concerned with understanding the needs and expectations of its customers, delivering products according to the requirements established by customers and the legal and regulatory provisions.

In this way, CDS aims to achieve long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, in order to obtain the mutual benefits of added value to the whole chain and the resulting economic growth.

CDS accompanies these purposes with the permanent training of all its staff and the continuous improvement of its processes, complying with the objectives of the SGC.

Sustainable Development Policies

About our PRODUCERS: We do not only buy raw materials, we are partners in a life project, we can help each other to improve and empower ourselves, working together.

About our PRODUCTION: We only make products that we can be proud of.

About our STAFF: We are committed to designing environments where people can develop; working as a team, receiving ongoing training, encouraging the continuity of their studies and seeking a balance between personal and work life.

About our CUSTOMERS: They buy our products for their quality and service, but we also want them to choose us for our behavior that is consistent with an informed, curious and challenging company. We want our customers to perceive that when they buy our products, they are choosing, at the same time, a company committed to its environment.

About our SUPPLIERS: They have a fundamental role in achieving Customer Satisfaction, consequently we are committed to creating integration relationships, with a potential for mutual growth, promoting an ethical way of doing business.

About our SHAREHOLDERS and DIRECTORS: We do not respond only to the profit motive. We visualize profits in terms of wealth generation for the different agents that surround and participate in our ecosystem. We need to contribute in terms of value for the entire present and future society. We certainly need to ensure that we generate economic gains, these should ensure the continuity of our work through enabling reinvestment in infrastructure, innovation and learning.

About our COMPANY: We provide good dairy foods and comply with our obligations. We also contribute to the training of our members and the welfare of their families, with the dissemination of good work practices, we generate activity in contractors and suppliers, we support schools attended by children in our community, we participate in various activities aimed at environmental care, in non-profit institutions and we will continue to be involved with any initiative consistent with our mission and vision that are useful to the environment and that are within our reach.

We are an integral part of a large NETWORK of relationships and interactions, where our ability to develop and grow is proportional to our capacity to sustain and support these relationships, based on principles of reciprocity and equity, seeking the delicate balance that can only be achieved by considering the expectations of all members under a sensitive and comprehensive view.

Values that sustain us


We build it through honesty, transparency and consistency in our actions. It is the foundation for building healthy and lasting relationships, internally and externally.


Our mission demands that we be useful. We must always add value and for this we must first know and understand needs, to then serve society.


It is not a goal. It is a decision about the way we choose to do things and get on the path. We may make mistakes, but our attitude will always be one of learning and permanent improvement.


Our company will only develop if we do it first. No company is better than its human team.


We decide and act taking care and considering the impact of our decisions and analyzing the risks. We get involved and we intend to fulfill the functions entrusted to us and we accept, each one of us.


We are convinced that there is still much to explore and we can contribute with new and better ways of doing things.


We are part of a social system that we can only understand by being aware of the expectations and requirements of the environment, as well as to the impacts of our actions, ensuring that these are always positive.